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Rizk Casino – Gamble, Make Bets on Your PC and Mobile Devices

Rizk Casino is definitely worth visiting and many players are welcome due to the fact it is very different from the majority of all other casinos. It has a unique design and user interface, many authentic features that may attract gamblers from Canada who are tired of casinos that do not have face and look similar to each other.

If you want to experience gambling in an atmosphere of racing casino you surely should try out Rizk. What is more about this outstanding online gambling facility it has recently added a new feature – an opportunity to make bets on sports. It is realized in the same authentic way as the whole casino.

Moreover, this casino also should be considered due to the number of bonuses and special offers for different games and players. You really won’t meet many casinos that have such an amount of specialized bonuses for gamblers.

There are many things to tell you about this online casino and in this review we will disclose as many features of the casino Rizk as possible.

First Steps

Rizk Casino is the place where you can gamble without registration. However, it is only possible to play for fun, not for money if you did not pass the registration process on

Signing up to the casino is as easy as possible. Just press the Sign Up button in the upper-left corner of the page and you will get redirected to registration page where all you need to do is to fill a couple of fields with login data in a pop-up window that appears.

In order to get signed up you need to tie your mobile number to the online casino account which is rather standard procedure for legal online gambling websites. After you have passed the registration process you need to confirm your account via the email, and from this moment you can start gambling.

Note that once you get signed up you can claim welcome bonuses and many other additional perks for your account. However, this is going to be disclosed in details in the next section.

100 Bonuses and Special Offers for Casino

This section for the review is fully dedicated to the bonus codes and other special offers for the gamblers that prefer to play in the Rizk online casino. It has to be mentioned that we won’t make an overview of all of the existent bonus codes available – as they always get changed, modified or replaced. We will only provide you with a brief info on the types of the bonus codes available on and other useful info for those who want to get as much free spins and other perks as possible.

The main and the first promotion you are surely going to deal with is granting you with 50 free spins and 100% deposit bonus which doesn’t exceed 200 Euros. That provides you with a great opportunity to make much more bets and use more long-term strategies than you could do with your initial deposit. Just use the promo code and redeem the bonus in the cashier zone.

For those who want to play Live Casino free games there are good news – you can claim a 250 Euro deposit bonus on your account. That means that if you make a deposit of 250 Euro to play live casino free games you will get additional 250 Euros on your account if the bonus is claimed. By the ways those who are looking for no deposit bonuses can get upset as those are absent, however, do not hesitate to use any other promo codes which you can choose from.

There are also many other promo codes that are related to the different free games. For example, bonuses that give you free spins or bonuses that are eligible for the holiday or season – anyway, just check the Rizk Insider section to scroll for special offers you may get interested with. There are not so many casinos in Canada that have such a great choice of various perks and premiums like the, though the majority also have generous welcome bonuses to provide.

Wheel of Rizk

Wheel of Rizk is the game that stimulates gamblers play more. Here you can win prizes, bonuses, free spins and many other perks that can be in use for the better user experience. Actually, it is really hard to find the casino with such a feature either in Canada or the rest of the world. Yes, many casinos have Loyalty Programs or can sell coupon codes with different special offers for bonus points however the Rizk casino’s approach to the bonuses and the ways they are earned is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

Here is how the system works – all you need to do is to play different games in the online casino and for gambling you earn spins of the wheel. Moreover, you get at least 10 free spins of the wheel after signing up which is one more reason to register in the casino.

With all those spins earned you can start playing and get various bonuses – you get spins for level ups or on special occasions. When it comes to the Wheel of Rizk you win only prizes you really need – money, jackpots and many more.

Try this outstanding game which is activated automatically each time you get a level-up and become a member of the army of Rizk Casino fans.

Rizk Race

This is another outstanding feature of the Rizk online casino. It has to be mentioned that there have been realizations of tournaments for slot gamblers, however, this one looks like one of the most successful and engaging. So what is the Rizk Race all about?

It is not really a game you play – it is a contest between you and other gamblers that play slot machines. There is a time you have from the moment race starts and till the moment it ends. During this time you and other players need to collect as much points as possible playing slot machines and winning there.

The one who makes the biggest amount of points wins and get a money prize which can make 500 Euro. The terms of the tournament can vary – usually the Rizk Race is conducted twice a day, and what is surprising, any user of the online gambling facility can take a part in the event for free without any limitations.

Play Guide

After you make your first deposit enter the lobby and claim the deposit bonus if you like to. Note that claiming deposit bonus that you need to exceed the wagering coefficient. For example, the wager makes 30 you need to make bets on the sum that is 30 times more than the bonus funds you have got on your account.

Now you can choose among the great majority of games in the category section of the online casino. Try out those that are marked like Captain Rizk’s Pick – it is likely that these games are going to be interesting for the mass audience due to the fact there is a very skilled pre-moderation for all the games that are considered as the candidates to be presented in this section.

Demo Gambling

In case you are not ready to play for real money the Casino Rizk offers you an opportunity to play online without registration. All you need to do is to enter category section by pressing on Games button and choose the one you want to try out.

After that you will get redirected to the page where you can try the machine out. Make sure you have installed the last version of the Flash Player to be able to gamble – almost all of the popular browsers like Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and others support Flash Player.

On the page of the game you will see demo credits on your balance which you can use to make bets. Here you can try out different tactics and strategies and test your luck without a risk of losing a cent.

On the page of the game you can also find all the necessary information on how to play the game, rules, tips and many other useful data that may be necessary for a novice or dedicated gambler.

After you finish all you demo funds on the balance you can always start gambling for free again – there is no real limit if you want to play for free in the Rizk Casino.

As already mentioned there is a wide choice of games in the Rizk casino and below you can see the categories available.

Games in Rizk

Rizk online casino should be one of the most diverse gambling website as there are so many categories on the website. Here you can find live casino games, slots (both progressive and non-progressive), card games, trendings, newest games with the freshest approached and many other types of games presented in this high class casino.

Those are divided not only by types, but also by topics. For example there is a Dark Side category for slot games which you really should check as they are extremely authentic. Moreover, there is a great choice of slots with progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpot means that the amount of money you can win on jackpot event in the slot grows constantly until someone wins that jackpot. Afterwards the jackpot returns to the minimum value and the count begins again. Sometimes you can see slots that let you win millions of dollars.

There is also a great amount of the branded games produced by Rizk itself – this is also a unique feature. The majority of casinos contain only the games that were produced by other manufacturers.

In case you want to find the freshest games manufactured in 2021 you can browse the Latest Releases category and in case you need the most popular games to be scrolled choose the Trending category. You also can choose Classic games if you want to get a flashback from the past while gambling.

Betting New Feature

Just like as a majority of online betting sites include to the list of activities casino games there are also gambling sites that include to the list activities betting. That is really what users of the service may need as an additional featuable to make bets on various sports.

Just like the gambling casino part realized in the Rizk Casino the betting user interface is also realized as ideal as possible. Here you can bet on various sports and match outcomes:


  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • etc.

The number of events you can bet on grows constantly and it is likely that soon we will see cybersport and various exotic markets. For those who want to make bets there are many special offers and bonuses which we are going to disclose in the next section.

In case you want to start begin on the website with an intuitive and user-friendly interface consider the Rizk Casino as an option.

Special Offers for Betting

In the Rizk Insider there is a separate section dedicated to the sports. Once you enter this page you will be surprised with the choice of various bonuses and perks you can get for betting. For example, you can turn your bet into free spins, or get risk free bet or even get great terms for betting on the most popular events.

What is nice for the betting on the Casino Rizk website you always get a weekly odds digest for those who want to get deeper in the betting matters. Anyway, most of your activities on the website concerning betting bring you more positive experience if you use bonuses provided by the website.

Responsible Gambling in Rizk

Rizk Casino provides a strong responsible gambling policy. The administration of casino made it all to provide the gamblers with an ability to limit their activity in case one feels that it is already too hard to gamble wisely.

You can content the support service and request limitations and restrictions by the sums you can deposit during the given period. For example, you can set a limitation per month, which means that you can cash-in more than X USD during 30 days.

What is good for the Rizk Casino is the fact that they have links to the organizations that help gamblers fight with the addiction. For example, if you feel that you are addicted and gambling is something than an entertainment for you, you can request the Gambling Therapy by following the link on the website of the casino.

It is very important to make sure that you only treat gambling as an entertainment, not the way to earn money, and that you gambling activities do not ruine or negatively affect your life – that is what specifically underlined by the online casino administration.

Reliable Gambling

If there is a place where you can gamble safely, it is a Rizk Casino. In this online casino there are enforced all the possible measures to provide fair gambling procedures for the users.

All the transactions and operations are secured on the server side and there is a reliable RNG software implemented for all of the games in order to guarantee that the match outcomes are not affected by the casino administration or third parties.

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

When talking about payment methods available, here you can find Rizk as a reliable and conservative casino. You can pay by credit card, wire transfer, Neteller and Skrill – not the richest choice of options to choose from. However, that is completely enough for the majority of gamblers that want to play in the casino. Maybe it lacks for the casino Bitcoin payment method, though.

Concerning the terms and time it takes to withdraw/deposit funds, it is rather standard for the payment methods presented. The depositing is instant for all of the methods and withdrawal takes several days for credit card and wire transfer methods, and is instant for e-payment systems.

Concerning the limits, you need to know that when it comes to the sum that exceeds 2000 Euro you need to pass the verification process on the website. In order to pass the verification you need to provide your proof of address, ID card and credit card photo/scans. It is also rather standard procedure.

Concerning the overall limits that are enacted for payments in and out of the online casino account you can cash-in maximum 5 000 Euro no matter which payment you use and the minimum amount makes 10 Euro. When you withdraw funds you can get maximum 5 000 Euro at a time or minimum 20 Euro. The only exception is Bank Wire method which can be used to cashout as much as 50 000 Euro at a time at 2021.

All the payments are free for the users, so you do not pay the fees except those banking ones.

Mobile Rizk Gambling

If you prefer gambling using a mobile device we have some good news for you – Rizk Casino website is well-optimized for mobile devices. Unfortunately, you cannot download an app for Android or an app for iPhone, however, if on your mobile phone there is installed a browser with a Flash player, there will be no issues with gambling or making bets no matter what. Thus you do not need an app to benefit from all of the wonderful features of this casino.

For those who prefer mobile gambling there won’t be a difference – just the website design is going to change a bit – all the other elements will remain the same. You still need to login to your account and choose the game in lobby to get started. For mobile gamblers there are available the same games, bonuses and special offers which is a good sign for all those who have tablets and smartphones, but do not have PC or Mac.

24/7 Customer Care

The high-skilled customer agents team is ready to provide you with a care and all necessary information you need to get maximum satisfaction from gambling process. You can get a quick response for any of your question if you choose to contact the support by pressing Customer Care button in the main menu. There is an instant online connection, so you do not need the contact number.

The next second you are going to see a LiveAgent online chat pop-up form in lower-right part of the page where you need to fill your contact info and then you can get in touch with the support agent. The customer care service of the Rizk Casino works 24/7, so you always can get a quick response and talk with an agent through online chat to ask about the terms of new promotions or reset the password you have forgot.

Security and Privacy Issues

The online casino has made great efforts to provide all its users with the safe and secure environment. For now there have never been any security issues related to the Rizk casino which is a definitely a good sign.

Online casino won’t transfer your private data like financial information or ID photo to any of the third parties – your privacy is protected by technical means and law of the casino regulator.

There is no way any information about your activity in the casino can be leaked, as all the operations within the casino are stored on the secured server.

There are many unique features for the Rizk online casino, however, when it comes to legal issues, there are many things that are commonly shared by the Rizk casino and other ones. First of all, the online casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority which has granted licenses to thousands of gambling online facilities all over the world.

Secondly, only those who are more than 18 years old can gamble and make bets in the casino, and there is also a list of countries you cannot play from.

All the AML and KYC processes of the casino are developed in accordance with Maltese laws, so there is no chance you can break any laws when you gamble in the online casino at least for year 2021.


To conclude, Rizk Casino is one of the most authentic and interesting online gambling facilities all over the world. There is no chance you can find any other casino that looks even approximately like that as it looks like the runners of the online casino have brought enormous efforts to make look unique, not like the other casinos.

When it comes to the gambling experience you can get from the service, there are many words to be said and the first one in a row would be ‘magnificent’. The thing is online casino has a great amount of games – from slots and games developed by Rizk to card games and other classic casino games. Moreover, the runners of the casino have managed to create one more feature that looks extremely good here – the sports betting section. Usually, online casinos do not allow users to make bets on sports events, however, the Rizk has launched that service which seems to be rather popular today.

There also has to be mentioned the amount of special offers and bonuses for the gamblers. There are some casinos that do not really have any diversity in the marketing and promotions for the gamblers. Most of the casinos limit their promotion pool with no deposit bonuses or deposit bonuses and free spins while Rizk has went much further and deeper. Here any gambler can find a satisfying amount of bonuses, prizes and perks.

Thus, considering all that written above the Rizk online casino is surely worth of visiting, getting registered and gambling if you appreciate authenticity.